Innovation for Future

Luxurious Residences with Cutting-edge Innovation at The Henley

The Henley is a luxurious residential property embedded with world-class design, architecture and advanced technologies. Located in the heart of Kai Tak, The Henley fully embraces sustainability and innovation to redefine contemporary living

Indoor vegetable cultivato

  • Hydroponic farms with sensors for detecting the hydration, airflow and nutrients of vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Real-time cameras and apps to monitor vegetable growth and share harvest notifications

Microclimate control

  • Use of water features, reflection ponds and misters to enhance humidity in the air
  • Weather stations and IoT system to monitor and actively adjust the wind, light and temperature as needed to provide the utmost comfort for residents

Renewable energy

  • Solar powered lighting for outdoor landscape areas
  • Fully automatic irrigation system for all landscape areas and urban farms

H-1 app

  • Serve as the access card and key when entering the development and lobby. It can also be used to call for elevator automatically, which is a contactless and seamless experience
  • Home automation features to control facilities such as lighting, curtains and electronic appliances through the smart home assistant
  • Reservation of facilities such as clubhouse function rooms, swimming pool and gymnasium

Advanced air cleaning system

  • Smart wardrobes which are installed with the patented LEMA Air Cleaning System to actively sanitise the indoor aero-space environments in homes as well as sanitising clothing and footwear
  • NCCO air purification system is installed in the common area to efficiently absorb and filter out catalytic pollutants


  • Food delivery robots to deliver food ordered online from the lobby to the home, providing convenience and enhanced hygiene and security control
  • Concierge robots to welcome and register visitors, as well as to monitor guests’ temperature and mask wearing
  • Disinfection and cleaning robots to undertake automatic vacuum cleaning and sanitisation of residential lobbies and common areas

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Innovation for Future

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Innovation for Future

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Innovation for Future

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