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Partnership with Other Industries and Staff Engagement to Raise Awareness towards Sustainability

Echoing our aspiration to raise our stakeholders’ awareness of sustainability, the Group proactively seeks opportunities to demonstrate its thought leadership on sustainability topics and relevant industry trends at various public events held in 2022.

ReThink Hong Kong

ReThink Hong Kong is one of the largest local sustainability events held on an annual basis, with the two-day event being attended by 3,342 attendees from 1,235 organisations. As one of the most reputable business forums focused on sustainable development, it is widely attended by business leaders from 200 international and local companies. At the 2022 event, we delivered a presentation which explained our philosophy on sustainability and demonstrated the innovation we apply to residential developments and the progress we have made in this area to date. The talk was well-attended by an audience from across various industries.

ESG Symposium 2022 by Towngas x The Hong Kong Management Association

In November, we were invited to be one of the panellists at the Towngas x The Hong Kong Management Association - ESG Symposium 2022, which attracted over 5,000 participants from Hong Kong, mainland China and other countries/ regions. At the event we shared our experiences of formulating and implementing our own decarbonisation roadmap, as well as our involvement in motivating other corporations to achieve sustainable development by putting ESG into practice in their day-to-day operations.

TVB Financial Forum by Television Broadcasts Limited

As the only representative from the real estate industry that has been invited twice to the TVB Financial Forum, the Group was delighted to share our experience of ongoing sustainability initiatives, particularly in combatting climate change.

Investment Promotion Week by InvestHK

As a guest speaker at InvestHK’s Investment Promotion Week, the Group provided an overview of sustainable development in the real estate industry as well as explaining our own sustainability strategy. InvestHK also invited us to be an industry expert alongside industry leaders from other sectors and relevant government officials, to provide input and insights for their pitchbook, which is designed and developed to promote Hong Kong’s smart green building development. The pitchbook will be an important tool to attract foreign investment and world-class technologies in this sector.

Hong Kong Green Building Week 2022 - Biz-Green Dress Day by Hong Kong Green Building Council

As well as speaking at various business events, we encourage our employees to actively participate in sustainability-related activities. These included the Hong Kong Green Building Week 2022 - Biz-Green Dress Day at which we invited our employees to dress in lightweight clothes. Through their participation, we encouraged them to introduce environmental friendliness and decarbonisation into their daily routines. As a token of recognition, the Group won Biz-Green Style Award - Gold.

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Value for People

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Sustainability has always been at the core of our group. In addition to adopting innovative methods, technologies, and solutions to drive sustainability efforts, we encourage employees within the group to join us in achieving our sustainable development vision by 2030. In order to raise awareness among employees regarding climate issues, we provide climate-related management incentives to our staff.

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Value for People

Empowering Growth and Development

The company’s promotion staff is based on the standards of diligence, loyalty, talent, performance, discipline, cooperation, etc as stated in Employee Handbook[1]. The promotion opportunities of each staff member is equal. Our approach to performance management is collaborative and ongoing. We believe that regular conversations and continuous feedback are essential for employee development and growth.


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Value for People

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